The Inquisitor Speaks

it is addressed thusly:

A postlude.
it reads:
Moloch is us; they have said
And right they were, for they saw
Seeing not with eyes of the dead
Knowing with a less-crooked law;
We railed at them, fine words
Which were the babbling of a child
Just the sharpening of swords
Our press the problem reconciled;
Our religion was eaten from within
By him, but it is us we must assay
The Inquisitor says of our sin:
Qui facit per alium, facit per se.
The end of the thing is found
Not in the lights of Shangri-la
The age of Aquarius? No sound--
But ogres, and the gaping maw;
The world outside of God is darkness.
And God is darkness! Did you know
With "philosophy" no less
They made "above" as it is below?
I shall have my satisfaction;
Followers of Strauss! I bring news--
Has God returned to take action--?
Flee then, where no man may pursue!
Take your cleverly laid fables
Your demons, your dispersed law
We come to clean the stables
We come red in tooth and claw;
White is our tunic of linen-made
Red blood of the cross there brazen
With gold and silver it is inlaid
The sign of victory, it is our blazon;
The Inquisitor speaks, for it is he
The sage, the orator, the poet
It is he who is in truth these three
They are but one, and they know it;
Followers of Strauss! Who else--
Swing gaily from the battlement;
"If ye had yet judged yourselves
You'd have not come under judgment."
a postscript is here written:
The End.

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