O Thou Light of Good Cheer

it is addressed thusly:

A hymn.
it reads:
O thou Light of good cheer
In which God doth draw near;
His most sacred glory which is
Of our Father in all blessedness
Undying in heaven most high
Holy and blessed Jesus Christ;

Now that the sun hath hid his face
And evening's light in its place
We behold and now see fit
O Father, Son and Holy Spirit
One God, to sing but to Thee
In voice meet for Thy divinity;

O Thou only God's Son
Who granteth life to everyone;
This song the world shall raise
To thy glory and in Thy praise.
a postscript is here written:
The name of this actual hymn, which is perhaps 2000 years old, is 'Phos Hilarion', often rendered "O Gladsome Light". Mine is a paraphrase. It is the Hymn of Evening which is sung at Vespers wherever it is served. This arrangement is intended to be set to music, not dissimilar in character to that of Henry Purcell.

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