The Longest Mile

it is addressed thusly:

A vision.
it reads:
Even the foolish have now awoke
It was not as magic, as though I spoke
And woke them; with word or charm
It is now the sound of full alarm
"It is later than you think" he said
That father of ours, rests his head
And awaits with us the rising sun
Will yet they flee the sounding gun?
Boom! Boom! It is war's report
Yet rumors mark, of this sort
Not the end yet, but far too late
A summary of our present state
In words and bodies of the dead
Mostly bodies, but as he said
"Get your house in order O man"
We shall not live, but if we can
We will die in glory, a brightling flame
For we would not blaspheme His name;
And if life shall be won from death
We shall steal it from the breath
We alone who see that Light
Or know of it, in darkest night
Arm your spirit, for this I've spoke--
Even the foolish have now awoke.
a postscript is here written:
a pass-word:
Nice Terror July


  1. Yes I know it's "awoken"

  2. That's the real meaning of poetic license.


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