Poor Mountain by Donnie Nunley

it is addressed thusly:

A vision
it reads:
There in weeping August I saw
Not restrained by custom or law
- and a slight was given us there to say
We might have had another ending
As if this was from us thus sending
And not yet another turn of the day
To forget we but respond in this state
Long gone was our turn to initiate;
- a vision of the mourning gods
Makers of decision, judges all
Standing before their judgment wall
Marking points and counting odds
And the heaven was unstill with fission
The unseen dense with troubled vision
- and still they say, as their fingers wag
We darkened the sun, bringers of darkening
Not to the heavy weather harkening
Because you remember it, curse the flag
Because they made it what it was not
Were these the laws for which we fought?
- but their hands waver, it doesn't add up
Who is in the Chair? Who is in control?
Had a shadow from the room then stole
They search for the one who shared the cup
But even the devil is there to accuse
Whose game is this then to lose?
- not black or white, but the impossible gray
noise, pure noise distorting all thinking
was by it even the sun's eye blinking
"Winter comes", and what beyond it lay
Not restrained by custom or law
- there in weeping August I saw.

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