it is addressed thusly:
An ode.
it reads:
Where belief ends there is nothingness
He who pretends this is not reason
Does he intend for more than a season
To loose belief once bound from the abyss?
Surely belief has ended for each in kind
Faith is spent and time is out of mind
It is but reasonable then only to hope
That good may come or the source of good
And that bare necessity obey as it should
And would end darkness in which men grope
Blindly, I mark, as born without sight
Those who are familiar to the night;
I tell you wherever they turn is death
Though a parable would learn them true
That they perish if they cannot pass through
But while it is they still have breath
They will be right to curse modernity
Though with sight they cannot see;
And rail against the degenerate things
Ugliness, hatred, the perverted mind
Lawlessness and all vice in kind
They can hope for belief, desire's wings
Might rapture them from deadly fire
Though belief can not for them transpire;
If they understood, then what would remain
Is to wait for light, as a mountain could
By rain and wind and fire and wood
Worn down flat, an uncarved plain
Yes! This necessity is true reason's span
But I am not a reasonable man.

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