Five Rings

Empty... by Thomas Leuthard

it is addressed thusly:

A vision.
it reads:
First came Earth; firm standing
The body which they loved, strong
And tall the mountain, and long
Its reign, its ways demanding;
Then came Water, clear and bright
Wore earth down with soul, drawing
Boundary and mark, thus awing
And ruling and muddy despite;
Fire was next, quicksilver burning
The intense mind with order made
By searing light, though was forbade
Its magic won by strangely learning;
And last Wind came, to blow out flame
Shifting around itself, nerves twitching
All of its sudden litanies bewitching
Wore all down by self to same;
But Wind fed Fire and they are lacking
But to burn evermore, as Wind blows hard
Fire burns high and higher, Earth scarred
And Water is poison from their attacking;
But I am Void;  a topography of null
A transparent pill, a dark notation
An empty train at the final station
I did not come, for I was here all
Along; even empty Wind was flowing
Through me, from me coming,
To me -- going.

1 comment:

  1. A profound and atmospheric poem. Thank you.


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