No Sleep

it is addressed thusly:
An ode.
it reads:
The labors do not cease because we sleep
Uncountable gears spin even in the dark
Where no light is; and no sound or spark
But a tick when the escape wheel a leap
Might make in its interminable course
Pushed by a light but irresistible force
Soever in motion about its source
Image by image, the story is told
Written by authors unknown to us
Without grumbling and without fuss
Like automatons they grow not old
With boredom for their thankless task
We might therefore desire to ask
Who hides behind that hidden mask
And know perhaps some secret law
As thought it was not yet known to us
The we who are, the we who was
The we who heard, the we who saw
In learning do we but memory keep
Or into the great unknown we leap
The labors do not cease because we sleep.

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  1. Another good one, and I enjoy hearing your reading.


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