Adrift Without a Star

it is addressed thusly:
A vision.
it reads:
'Neath an eyeless sky, the inkblack sea
Moves softly, utters not save a quiet sound
A lapping-sound, not saying what may be
The reach of its voice a furthest bound;
And beyond it, nothing, nothing known
Though the wind the boat has gently blown
Unsteady on shifting and traceless ground
And quickly away from it has flown.

Allow us a map, and a lamp electric
That by instrument we may probe the dark
Unheard sounds and an unseen metric
Keep alive in us that unknown spark
To burn bright and not consume or mar
Has the unbounded one come yet so far
For night over night the days to mark
His journey -- adrift, without a star?


  1. Forgive, but I felt sad to see the eyeful sky is turned into blind sky and see the lively sea that stirs with abundance is capsized into ink dark swamp.This poetic grandeur should not drift aimlessly without a guiding star. Please watch the darkness in you and remember green of life and not forget the moslen who told you to love life. he must have read the blackness in you. that you for beautifl poetry despite its gloom.

    1. for an Englishman, this represents a rather optimistic bit of poetry.


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