it is addressed thusly:
An ode.
it reads:
Christ returned to us today
But not as we have been expecting
As though his secret needs protecting
But in yet some other way;
The world did not see this returning
As though a petty orb clear hewn
Sat in a dark and empty room
And at the blink of an eye the burning
Light of the EAST would pierce it through;
Spareless eye renew, renew all the worlds of blue
And gray and brown and red and black
A forwend here of tremendous heat
Now Babel's tongues in fire must meet
And find their distance all turned back
Rise up ye gates, speak face to face
Division's reck gone without a trace
Are you patchwork, made of many things
Dead ones, who breathe no Spirit out
Dry with pleasure, cold with doubt --
But water and fire a Pentecost brings
Still divided and yet now whole this way
Since Christ returned to us today.

a postscript is here written:
divided and yet never disunited

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