The Theorist

it is addressed thusly:
A vision.
it reads:
In the garden of the forking paths
There is a man who's walking past
Countless ways, left and right
Sloping down, they all alight
As though now suggesting depth
Or ease of way if one accepts
That down-going must imply
The nadir of the question "why"
Though the Path, I reiterate
Is always narrow, is always straight
This man turns when he has found
A one most strongly going-down
If tis to reckon him a guide
Would it provoke a downward slide
Truth must seek the highest place
But getting there, it always waits
Greed is not to seek the best
But when deferment is a pest
So the heart of the matter is
What is will? - a final quiz
Its moment is its resting mass
In the garden of the forking paths.

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