The Overture

it is addressed thusly:
A vision.
it reads:
Flush with sound, the blue hour waiting
Who was first waking, whose song
Did the morning thereby prolong
Into the past - and we, reciprocating
Lent unabashed a grateful ear
Sound a river, we but a weir

Pooling that colloquial chorus
A concert of perfect voice
A shimmering dream river noise
Calling to mind what is yet before us

When the Orient shall rise upon the world
And in train before it, stately stating
Flush with sound, the blue hour waiting
And then soft - its form unfurled

Not a hint yet in its deep-blue marine
Of his terrible face have we seen
But clouds riding softly in equipoise
For when all suspensions of disbelief
Meet no longer in mourning or grief
No longer in dream river noise --

But cleft apart, recreating
Flush with sound, the blue hour waiting.


  1. Flush with sound, the blue hour waiting

    What a powerful line. Thanks.

  2. danke. I struggled with this one like an ornery bear


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