The Orator Remarks On Choice Ironies

it is addressed thusly:
A thought.
it reads:
Everyone is bound to get used
Don't get confused - this is mere fact
And that is enough for other things
The realization stings, and why not?
Why should we not fall on our face
Once in awhile, pace, as is our style
To avoid failing, and selfly change
Bewailing -- all unless it is for the world
The self is thisway curled about nothing
Nothing at all! But rigid like a mask
The task - to break it fast but remain
Will you be the same? However instead
We wait, dead, for the world to change
It doesn't -- but moves strange, according
To its spirit, that thing, and we count
It a positive amount that its circle great
Does demonstrate flux, moving nowhere
And yet we dare to say of that man
The sayer, who can layer after layer
Disclose that in truth it goes no where --?
At least he then will not be confused!
For everyone is bound to get used.

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