The Lotus Eaters

it is addressed thusly:
An ode.
it reads:
The Lotus Eaters come - two by two
As though by magic an ark will form
In which to weather some coming storm
They are quite out of their minds it's true
But harm no one, or no one such
That men this day will notice much
All colors hang in varied beads
In their ship made of sticks and skin
A pleasure today they will enter in
Of food, of poison, of queerish creeds
And who countermands their quietist way
Not witches by night, not villains by day
And the judge has forgotten his reason why
The reporter is lost, the cleric falls dumb
They have no law, no rule of thumb
Except acceptance, and cannot deny
To empty themselves as a wooden bowl
And fill, fill with pleasure their wanting soul.


  1. They have no law, no rule of thumb
    Except acceptance

    This is an excellent poem.

    I was reading something the other day in which the writer was talking about the "pre-modern" mind and how "pre-modern" people could accept what a "modern" mind such as his could not. I tend to think it is the other way with the "modern" mind a lot farther from reality. The real difference is between the pre-Cross mind and the post-Cross mind.

    1. There is definitely a truth that because the modern mind 'accepts' much more it cannot accept the 'pre' modern view at all. It sees this as a parochial aspect to itself, but rather it is a cosmopolitan aspect; it sees 'too much', has too much of 'a little knowledge' and therefore finds a truly local, loyal and sincere view unacceptable.


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