White Knight

it is addressed thusly:
A vision.
it reads:
For him there is no dread before God's face
A milk-white soul, doll-painted and bright
Does he know when he takes back the night
Is his pale-daub armor platinum or lace
Without bloodshed there is no recompense
For his coin-tosses does he have sense
Does he make them with pentacle in hand
Sleight must be made to save his chance
Others wear his grime and clean his lance
Kept man he is, good enough to understand
What good could be, case-maximized
His humility is a shadow rather oversized
In that armor is there one man or two
Everyone guesses at his secret thorn
But to condemn him they are then torn
"He fights", a statement latter made true
He turns his cheek for striking's sake
But most know not to strike a snake.

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