The Blaze Of Their Glory

it is addressed thusly:
An ode.
it reads:
The blaze of their glory is just this
To come quickly to the edge of what can be
To see that all along they could not see
To believe that they but merely exist
To know that they know nothing at all
To brighten the sky with their final fall
As did once another bearer of light
The centuries they sought him at last
His own justice they far surpassed
Will then, we see at last it is night
Will then we forgive them also this
Where mercy and dread justice kiss
And before the Day, make good yet
Of a bad hand - the worst we may
Of true happiness yet what do they say
Of where truth and righteousness met - ?
In this great burning walk not amiss
The blaze of their glory is just this.


  1. That's quite lyrical. It would make a good song.

    I like this background.

  2. I'm always working on the style, trying to get more of a handle on intentionally making it musical or non-musical. Sometimes it's just a matter of repeat and variation... keeps the rhythm consistent


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