Dark City

it is addressed thusly:
A vision.
it reads:
The flickering scene; a great husk of a city
Roaring-past cars give an impression of life
Though the truth-unthought cut like a knife
Ignore what is ugly, regard what is pretty
While making nothing beautiful in truth
Know there is much between feck and ruth
And the high-school children chatter away, away
They think of ivory towers, roads gone round a bend
Never in their sight where that path must end
Beside a road that is nothing but ruts in soddy clay
Collects thaw and bright red-clay stain
To hidden places kept away from the plain
Where huddling faces are free in being poor
And the children speak many evils without a thought
Forgetting the ruined row where the mind was caught
A clinic for single colored mothers, and down a door
A place where they're unmade, on overlooked public dime
Where the only children are unwanted, and crime.
And all is consumed: life, love, time.

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