Roko's Basilisk

it is addressed thusly:
A thought.
it reads:
That monster who must keep his word
As Anselm said, despise offense
In what world could you stand against
He who hears what he never heard?
Alas- for not but strength of arms
Could you at last calm alarms
His eyes can see what he never saw
Did you not give everything you could
Did you yet suspect he could
Enact his most optimal law?
How should you reward in a perfect world
Save those beneath you lay all-a-curled?
Madness you say, but what if enough
Of mankind has this in its say
That those who did not hasten its day
Who considered anything their own stuff
And recall the dead, as from their graves
And none could think of one who saves
That basilisk, whose right it was assured
To do this, because all the people willed
For all that, all the wrath and envy filled
That monster who must keep his word.
a postscript is here written:
a pass-word:
outside basilisk in roko

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