The Earth is Flat & The Heavens a Dome (reprise)

it is addressed thusly:
An ode.
it reads:
Once upon a time we're told
Of when times were much younger
Then at least they weren't old
Though antique still to the wonder;

Flat Earth was said to be a place
Suspended in the heavens
Domed Heavens themselves a veiled face
Numbered to the sevens;

Anon now we've thought to turn things out
And make them all much truer
Though just as true they are without
The skies are not much bluer;

Walk while you can your own flatland
Whose roundness is concealed
In bright abyss count as the sands
The pin-lit lamps revealed;

Question your own perceptions, then
That which you think you know
But stop not with what way back when
Was but quite in the vogue;

For if man was wrong to think Earth flat
His intellect failed him not
Like you and I, he made old hat
To rethink what was thought;

Imagination! It failed to reach
Beyond just what was seen
Who then could by clever speech
Claim thus he hasn't been?

The human being, this thinker that
Under upright skies does roam
For him, yes him! Earth's always flat
And the Heavens are but a dome.

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