Spiritus Mundi

it is addressed thusly:
A thought.
it reads:
Should we expect to die in peace
In this time? The sense is just, no
As those young may vaguely know
Witness their hurry to find release
And how our betters think to take
From the future, to perhaps now make
A present worth living for them
And they have fewer presents just left
Before their boat should arc the cleft
And fall, all now secretly wonder when
Not if, things should fail and collapse
Perhaps, they are wrong, anyone snaps
Under so much pressure and stress
And we see even youth crumble down
Or what was youth, back around
A more golden time, but meaninglessness
Of mind-religion, of every empty word
Absurd, but visionary, they say for the third
Time, but we are pulled taut to find
Any meaning in the erratic soulish text
Expressionist, libertine, we, perplexed
Now look to death, past the grind
Which now holds no breath or release;
Should we expect to die in peace?


  1. Referring to Yeats' "spirit of the world?"

  2. Yes. Or 'the spirit of this age', as it were.


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