The Sage's Wife

it is addressed thusly:
An ode.
it reads:
O Beauty sleeps, her watch she keeps
In that valley of unbroken dreams
Behind the eye, more than it seems
A flutter, a wave upon the deeps
Or does only the heart there see
The crests on that restless sea
As the mind there, in its silent prayer
Writes in an unknown tongue an ode
Or walks only without a sight a road
Between each sleepless eye to stare
And so unknown even to her own
I wonder, does there she travel alone
When she sightless, sails the deeps
Where what is, is not what it seems
Amid those streams, betwixt those dreams
That hidden she keeps, O Beauty who sleeps?


  1. Plato's cave of shadows lurk
    Along the rim of ivied walls
    Appalling those who do the work
    Of straining ears to heed the call.

    To look beyond the sea of sighs
    Beyond the ebb and flow of time
    And reach day's end as night draws nigh
    Arise her soul to evening's rhyme.

    Then happy is she when the king comes home
    To her light and lilting, hopeful heart
    It is here that he shall happily roam
    And with her he shall have his part.

  2. Hey, it's nice to see you're still active in the blogosphere! I'll have to try giving your poetry a read when I have a bit more leisure.

  3. @Aaron:

    Good to hear from you! It has been awhile.


    Sing, Lark and make sky
    Music, for air is breathing
    a continuo.


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