it is addressed thusly:
A song.
it reads:
Forming a form isn't formal, fash'ning a fashion's an art
A plan's a part of the process, but not the significant part;
Knowing unknowns isn't normal, nor abnormal for that sort of thing
You have to know where you're going, but don't have a map you could bring;
But to know where you're going, you've got to know where you've been
Will you recognize it when you see it, if be it without or within?
Imagination can help you create it, but may just make something else
Golden calves for the breaking, or things for your old trophy shelf;
Knowledge just holds chimeras, ghosts of impossible shape
Symmetries ripe for unmaking, umbrages over them drape
Discipline gives no directions, but gives you the power to go
Intuition responds in enigmas, answers that can only grow;
The heart itself may hold answers, but you must batten its storms
Get past Desire's mad passions, get past Anger's two horns;
And memory! There be the dragons, and ideas of every kind
Too easy to let them control you, when you should be lord of the mind;
But the heart instructs without answer, and speaks just as quiet as air
And then to tell who is speaking? There may be other things there;
But by the end of the process, which we may have outlined
While we weren't looking, like bread that's a'cooking, we've found a form quite refined!

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