it is addressed thusly:
A vision.
it reads:
Sighing and roaring
Breath to breath pacing, steel heart
of oil burning, car.

Brown or green fading
White wall writing, what herald?
Road sign fast passing.

Colored centipede
Whose feet are wheels that sloughs on
Lengthening his rear.

Even breaking sigh
What signal's work so dispersed
Left turn and waiting?

Blue sky forgotten
In ocean of steel and gray
Lead-weight horizon.

No radio plays
I listen instead for breath
For mine and my charge.

Vying for places
Give and take half un-watching
Motives guessed wrongly.

Gripping discs tightly
Returning rubber to earth
All in a brake's work.

Sound of shouting, songs
Made unheard, hummed melody
Thousand steel voices.

Sun high and sun low
Lamps burning a cool, bright fire
Exiles find pasture.

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