The Sage speaks of the Mind

it is addressed thusly:
A song.
it reads:
O mirror, is there any clearer
She asked of it, that lovely mirror
Which glinted a bit, in her hand it fit
But gave no reply, save her eye
Blinking, a sigh, where she did sit.

An Egyptian once, surely no dunce
Saw beyond his face, at least once
Up to the sun, whose disc was spun
Of golden light, all fiery-bright
The mirror's might was this way won.

The Grecian saw, aside his careful law
Of nature's test, wrote for he saw
A woman at rest, and upon her breast
A hand mirror's plate, to contemplate
Her own estate, a symbol of them best.

A Serb did make, of his crystal lake
An image bright; and then did make
A prayer at night, and in day-light
To see all things, twixt its grassy rings
Of this he sings, of universal sight.

O what world, round or uncurled
Is in there, yet to be a world
I yet stare, through countenance bare
Into the eye, that mirror's eye
And what may lie inside -
    - the sun? the lake? the symbol fair?
I think all Truth hides there.

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