The Poet's Dream, IX

it is addressed thusly:
A fragment
it reads:
"A dream within a dream I saw therein
A prophecy dark, this vision thrice
Turning as the mind does within
And wake upon a bed of ice
And find a city gold and golden twice.
Those who may guide could but say
Only that they knew me not at all
And knew not who had sent this way
Myself and down Foundation's wall
And by a starry sea enthrall
And what hill did I climb until
I entered but with golden thread
That place of every wicked will
That place of breath and breathless dread
The wake of every waking dead?
And wake we did the keeper hid
Among the shifting half-lit light
From his tower he bade us rid
Of his charge, and by his might
He tore the tearless twilit night.
And such we were as those aver
The undying ones, they do not lie
Sealed and seared by fire's augur
The pit-thing killed us with its cry
Killed but to life, now ne'er to die."

And who would, he gasped, wish such a thing?
Now that he had his full remembering
This, the thirteenth of the month
He remembered as he had once
A nursery rhyme they used to sing:

"I dreamed a dream of dying,
So I prayed a prayer of life
Don't stomp the snake that's lying
Flee him for his strife!

A love is worth a diamond
A true love has no price
The trouble's in the trying
The savor's in the spice!

Would you be my Valentine
Says knight on knee he bends
This night my lady be thee mine
Tomorrow the world it ends!"

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  1. Well done as always. Rich and strong.


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