Misery's Company

it is addressed thusly:
An ode.
it reads:
That sad despond, that dullsome gloom
That hangs about as vagrancy
Almost feels sorry to sweep the room
Almost colder in its vacancy
Oh, oh what foolish trifles for which we're bound
For is not the spring forthcoming?
Only a leaden heart could one have found
To be deaf of its drumming;
To look with sadness upon coming days
Days which are all quite actually brighter
It then is not light that allays
For is not that joy much slighter
I feel then mostly sorry most
For the worldly gloom itself
Pity to drive its haggard host
Every faerie, every elf
But maybe sympathize a trace
And feel its dumb despair not odd
And recall for all mere things no place
Before the light of the face of God?

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