The Song of the Shooting Star

it is addressed thusly:
A song.
it reads:
Said the shooting star,
"To where shall you run?
Shall you traverse so far
As to outrace the sun?"

He who wandered did reply,
"I go where I will,
Now begone from the sky
Before I wish you ill."

Said the shooting star,
"But from what are you fleeing?
Is your home afar,
Or fear your state of being?"

He who wandered did reply,
"What business is it of yours
Who underneath the sky
Wanders, flees or tours?"

Said the shooting star,
"Then grant me but to know,
If you wished to go so far
Why know not where you go?"

He who wandered did reply,
"Am I such fascination?
I traverse from sea to sea
Until I know my destination."

Then as does his kind,
The star fell out of sight;
"A man his way does find,
But not by his own light."

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