The Orator Declares his Rivalry

it is addressed thusly:
To certain persons, who will know this dedication.
it reads:
I will be your enemy, if only
So that you have someone to fight
Yes, I will earn your ignominy
If I can I shall earn the right
For what shall you know of these
Gladness, or fear, or relief
Of what the psalmist decrees
The teacher earns grief?
It is thought in this day and age
To antagonize is a greater evil
Than empassion'd crimes of rage
Than to be even the devil;
For it is thought that he has excuse
Even, but not I (for I know better)
In this then I will find great use
I shall be your grief's begetter;
But then too I shall be as well
The secret of your joy, to be
Even if I cast you down to hell;
Yes, I shall be your enemy
It is just as well.

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