On The Hearing Of The Death of a Certain Man (SONNET IV)

it is addressed thusly:
A word.
it reads:
I do believe a time comes for a man
Who is no-one's foe at all in person
The enemy of people and their land
We cannot in this our souls then worsen

By being glad for his demise, in knowing
That his terrors and his schemes have ended
And that it is God's gentle wind now blowing
Recompense on those whom he offended

Had killed, and now at this their mourning kin
Can finally say 'it is enough' and not
Be thought unjust or cowardly within;
For with the glad to shout, this is our lot.

But everyone knows and cannot pretend
That with him our troubles shall not end.

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  1. This is the best statement on the situation I have read. And a nicely constructed poem, too. Well done.


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