The Quietness of the Rews

it is addressed thusly:
A vision.
it reads:
"The Rews", she said, you must go find,
The picture, thus, within his mind
And before, the tall majestic hall
Apartments nine, and upon each wall
Plates so large, so platters were
Of fine enamels hung-rows there
And no sound had reached the ear
Save a meditative strumming lyre
Whose notes were not more than two
Such was the quietness of the rews.

And the silence hung heavy like an air
And mist like mystery gathered there
It was not visitor, but the second room
Seemed it to congregate, ever soon
And not obvious from prior place
It communed, hung heavy 'round his face
Some was smoke, a hookah's mist
But also the cool cloud his lips had kissed
And breathed it in, also his nous
Such was the quietness of the rews.

He stepped with softness into the third
Apartment and without a word
Found himself prepared to choke
For the mist was here a roiling smoke
And hardly a glint seen from the wall
Of the plates could be seen at all
And the strumming two-note song
And the hallway broad and long
Offal-obscured from a thousand flues
Such was the quietness of the rews.

And uncovering his mouth he stood before
A sitting, strumming, music-Moor
Who regarding him gently, strumming lyre
Bald in head, inclined his ear
To more deeply absorb his song
Which truth be told, was two notes long
And here overlooked a dewy lawn
A courtyard pillared stretching awn
And the walnut lyre knew well its cues
Such was the quietness of the rews.

He passed without halt into the fifth
A room of music's nearest kith
And though no men sat upon a chair
And all furnishings were vacant there
A murmuring was heard around
The gentle, sanguine chatter-sound
Of the pashas beyond by auspicious trick
Was here transported and laid thick
But of the means was left no clues
Such was the quietness of the rews.

And the sixth bore him yet more surprise
As he walked in he rubbed his eyes
For darkness walked about that place
Or there like company called and show'd its face
The only light was that beyond
Which spread not there, as lily-pond
Was the shadow, and he could see
And count the pashas, by two and three
Ten were they, and sat in twos
Such was the quietness of the rews.

His foot gave him warning, but heeding not
He proceeded, such was his lot
And the tension this apartment bore
Was as much, or maybe more
Than a man can bear! But from whence
Did this anxiety come, or commence?
It sat in chairs and hung like palls
It was in the floor, and in the walls
To enter its attention drew
Such was the quietness of the rews.

The eighth and prior apartment then
Stood between him and and ten
It drew him! Drew him, deeper still
He breathed and sighed here his fill
For wetness drew upon all things
Tear on the cheek, which came in streams
Myrrh and dew and oil were there
And the heavy silence wept but a tear
And saw the pashas bright reds and blues
Such was the quietness of the rews.

And with measured boldness stepped he in
And found himself to be within
A company of brightening lords
Who stopped their talk and idle words
To see their visitor, intruding boy
And weapons rattled, a rude envoy
And bare he then with certain dread
Back into the shadow'd rooms he fled
To send and send again the news
Such was the quietness of the rews.
a postscript is here written:

1. This poem derives from a dream. In the dream, 'The Quietness of the Rews' was something I seemed to be familiar with, as though it already existed. Upon awaking I tried to find evidence of such a thing existing, but could not. The poem was not in the dream, but the imagery for it was. I do not know the meaning of the young man fleeing at the end, nor what the 'Rews' are. I had assumed originally that the 'Rews' was in a particular accent a way of referring to the rows of enameled platters hanging on the walls of the manor, but as I wrote the poem I became less convinced of this. In fact, I am still uncertain what any of it means. But I present it to the reader more or less as it was, with some interpolation for rooms not clearly addressed in the dream.

2. Rews is said like 'few'.

3. Lyre in this case rhymes with 'leer' and not 'pyre'.


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