it reads:
You who depart now, go in peace
Bring us something wondrous;
If not grail or golden fleece
Your tale, and make it thund'rous!

1 comment:

  1. Thund'rous eh? I'll tell ya sumthin' thunderous.

    A man and his wife have taken up life together in a common household.
    Each possessing a steady, almost absent-minded hospitality.
    At one moment, through a touch on the back.
    At another, one predictable call after work.
    An unremarkable comment about the state of one’s physical health.
    The making of tea.
    The reading of books.
    The prevailing patience that permeates through all subtle thought and word in the barrage of activity and stillness.
    Plenty more and still plenty less can be said about how each regards the other as his or her own.
    Aye! 'Tis a miracle second only to the Incarnation and Resurrection.


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