Mission Accomplished

This site has fulfilled its purpose; it has documented the Obama years in verse, and allowed me to maintain my sanity. What comes after will be different, and perhaps on a different medium. The four books of The Spy in the House of God are:

  1. The Earth is Flat and the Heavens a Dome (2007 - 11/2011)*
  2. Gold Smoke and Blue Fire (11/2011 - 10/2013)
  3. Adrift Without a Star (10/2013 - 12/2014)
  4. The Voice of the Four Winds (1/2015 - 11/2016)
* Poems from after this period may have ended up in the anthology. These dates are approximate.

Have you considered writing or reading traditional poetry, that is, poetry which follows strict structural rules whether rhyme, rhythm, syllables or subject? If, having read through what I have written you are still in doubt that such a thing is possible now, that beauty in verse and poetry is possible anymore, then as they say, go your way. 

But for the rest of you, especially those of you who write, simply start by imitating a writer you enjoy, when you are inspired to do so. There is no need to share the poetry with anyone, but reading it aloud is very helpful. I have been doing a series on various poets of our language (English, that is) on Social Matter. I will continue that, of course, and if you find a poet you like, that should be your starting place.

Oh, and one last thing. read Mencius Moldbug!

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  1. What a long strange journey it has been. I hope there will still be more poetry from you in some form.

    By the way, I have finally moved to Wordpress. You can now find my blog at:



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