Tanuki Song

it is addressed thusly:

A song.
it reads:
Politicians are wolves. Imagine --
The domestic dog, in his glory
He who brought himself in
Or so that is his story --
The Canid has more variation
Some vulpine, some lupine
To each his proper station
And each his genetic line;
Tanuki! The racoon-dog
What are you, and why yet
Do you stare, dumb as a log
But I know, not as innocent?
Absent-minded and wise
Always unknowing we suppose
Teeth grip like a vise
Thus we know that he knows;
For hunting, some dogs were bred
For fighting, for grabbing bulls
At least they are what we said
They really do find the voles;
A racoon-dog though, deep down
I reckon it is wolf enough
Though it seem a bit of a clown
In its professorial ruff;
Though it wears a funny mask
It too can form packs
And though one might ask
Does not cease in its attacks;
Here now, it is kept as a pet
Allowed to hunt at night
A public policy - do not fret
It hasn't so much might;
I wonder at that vesperal sound
Chill of night, the world revolves
Many eyes in the night I found--
But as you know, politicians are wolves.

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