it is addressed thusly:

An ode.
it reads:
Terror is something like power;
For in power there is terror indeed;
And fear where strength does tower;
For strength makes fear exceed;
But terror is not power, nor is fear
A difficult thing for some to hear
For God is great, and without need
His peace and dread draw near;

She loves the fearful things in truth
For only strength gives security;
And fear its sign, and even ruth
Is the seal of its magnanimity;
We do not like to be terrorized
A difficult thing some have realized;
For woman senses power and purity
Awesome when it is exercised;

Might is seen in great sacrifice
And true sacrifice needs strength
Giving all has both art and artifice
And art is but giving at length;
The king is such an object of fear
A difficult cross for man to bear
But his giving is then giving thanks--
And his art is powerful, terrible, fair.

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