it is addressed thusly:

An ode.
it reads:
Of he, royalty's conquering son
Bright-faced, prince of cavalry
His dragoons ride with the sound of the gun
And brooks he no base rivalry;
Flames burst forth from tower to tower
His foes must shrink, their faces glower
Announcing his ride from the waiting sea
In this the bright and conquering hour;

He enters the city, though not his yet
But all he sees comes to his hand
Estates and clans will fill his net
Sparse it is, set across the land;
But does no miracles to deceive
He does not need men to believe
For sight is sufficient to understand
Raised chin, sharp eye, laurel wreath;

Usurper they say, who clutch the crown
And wear it not, for they fear the wind
Which bears a bruised reed to the ground
Considering but how he must have sinned
Who bears upon their castles dim
From the plain unto the ocean's rim
But the Duke instead, he merely grinned
For all of these shall come to him.

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