Water Under the Bridge

it is addressed thusly:

A thought.
it reads:
All art is a political act somehow
Although some may desist
The power will every artist cow
How can but man resist?
To flow underneath that irksome sight
Is to claim that power has no might
A political act - I must insist
And who do we believe is right?

Just some water under the bridge
Of nobody great's concern
A fly, a flea, an ant, a midge
Here is a lesson to learn:
If you wish to resist, do not believe
That you will be given any reprieve
Because mere politics you now spurn?
Law will not keep you at your leave;

To avoid, for certain, that folly's law
Where service is given for free
To powers whose silent and open maw
Promises return of a fee;
If an ugly 'truth' you will but allow
Or a 'beautiful' lie - we're talking now!
You risk final obscurity --
All art is a political act, somehow.

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