Verses for Economy

it is addressed thusly:

A thought.
it reads:
I canceled my Paypal account today --
It was not an occasion for an ode
Nor, speech of any kind or mode
That might make wise in its way;
We find ourselves embattled now
On every side, the Chinese running
The business poorly as we allow
Into the ground, and shunning
The light of day, no one speaks
Our language first, except freaks
Of nature, we assume, gunning
Or gunned down amid the breaks;
Sold out, was the term they said
When I was a child, for music-men
Thought highly of integrity then
Though they were authentically dead
We were purchased for small change
Twenty silver would be a king's purse
In exchange we hope, though strange
For something better and not worse
But they're all a little cracked in the brain
John Walker, he surely had a name
Before he was put in a hearse--
For his deal with old scratch amain;
But as deals with devils always are
We cannot but guess the coin
Was gilded lead, a simple purloin
Of clothing-weights, and not far
From a jade that is but a stone
Such potential wasted on folly;
But when that wish has but flown
We pull the lever, and by golly
We will have what we willed
Even brass coin slyly filled
Not even gold! Probably;
And for this much blood, spilled.
Trust is low, that liberal scrip
Which makes prosperity run
A place well, even under the gun
Why should we trust, let slip
That we were sold out, that we
Were not the better America
It isn't good for technology
Which no one carries very far
For it is carried for our enemy
Though love we must, do see
We cannot trust, low is the bar
And boundless is the enmity.

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