Under the Sun

it is addressed thusly:

An ode.
it reads:
So shines the sun
Which shines on everyone;
On good or bad, otherwise
Even those who haven't eyes
Makes some so to believe
Justice but equality;
But those on earth's darkened side
Might aid us in how to decide
And that some from it burn
May also help us yet to learn;
For equal is the trial made
On those who step outside the shade;
All must cope in their own way
With that unconquerable day;
As God above gives more
To whom already had before
Only those who have in truth
And so it is, the just and ruth
Restore to those of worth
The wholeness of the earth
Only known by his bright eye
Whenever 'tis they live or die;
And to usurpers, caitiffs all
The sun will wilt and make them small;
Even if in living now
They were shown so great enow;
Justice equal for equal be
But for the rest -- inequality.

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