To Silence

it is addressed thusly:

An ode.
it reads:
We have had enough of words
Will we fill the heaven with them
All of them that Earth affords
And none of them are wisdom?
Listen and you can hear with me--
Truths plural - which it is not
- A minotaur's mask, we might see
Yet waiting 'neath our chaotic lot;
Not truth! A man sees a thing plain
And says, "I ought to lie about it"
Since he fears offense, and pain
For truth-telling he cannot be fit;
But who is left for which speech
Is elucidation - instead of a thought
"We thought it charity for each
Whose words we sold and bought?"
I speak as one quite truly mad
But silence is a thing unalloyed
Unmixed with the drugs we've had
A clear and quite heavenly void;
A sky! In it we pray the stars
Have not in our fugue gone red
We who thought to end all wars
Who would fight for one so dead?
Clear to us, the night and sun
And such speech lifts us not a whit
Not to moon or stars, to any one
Of the stars, and heaven is full of it!
You will remain, perhaps by vote
On Earth - by vote! By waves of men
Which were elected, just by boat
And you now must take them in;
The doors! The doors! Closing fast -
Trim the lamp, and sharpen swords
To know what comes, know what past
We have had enough of words.

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