Fifty's Lottery

it is addressed thusly:

An imprecation.
it reads:
They led them into temptation
And delivered them not from evil
To drink deep of condemnation
And having thus drunk be full;

Is the man worse who dies in sin
Or the man who perishes sinning
That devil, if you'd let him in
Will either way still be winning;

It happens that those whose claim
Is based on their service of us
Have become now yet all the same
To those we did once mistrust;

A sovereign is one whose rule
Is marked by the right to kill
A tyrant is a similar fool
Who by folly the tombs will fill;

Cursed is the nation that made
Men corrupt their sacred blood
And having thus done then forbade
Them raise themselves from the mud

Cursed is that head of state
Who in knowing what I have said
With purpose left open the gate
To those who would so strike them dead!

It was if having bought fifty hens
The farmer invited the fox
Leaving open the gate to their pens
While their screams he thoroughly mocks;

"The authorities, discovering his crimes
What do you suppose they would do?"
I ask, though these are the times
When 'interference' they would eschew;

But when at last all the blood
Of his victims made the lake black
They would find a place in the mud
To inter his corpse in a sack;

"Am I my brother's keeper," they ask
His neighbors, still minding their own
Who among them is fit for the task?
If they'd known him then they'd have known;

This leader, that is, all their kind
Tempted men with pleasure and purse
Led evil to them; we're resigned
That they too shall suffer this curse.
a postscript is here written:
Orlando 50 ISIS

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