it is addressed thusly:
An ode.
it reads:
Breathe deep my friend, in the night
Breathe deep in the morning light
The sun comes up and the moon goes down
So long as the world is going round;
Rising and falling the cloaking mist
Cover and uncover what the sun has kissed
And make heard sounds of a distant place
Which come twenty feet yet from our face;
The Ever-Near - the things in the rain
The far-and-near become one again
Such a breath is the spirits of spring
The shadow of a bird now on the wing
Whose alighting is a certain-uncertain sound
In this cool chamber in which we've found
The crush of stone beneath our foot
Or the shining road else black as soot
Which calls us on, to another world
Though twenty feet ahead it is unfurled
We dwell no more in night and day
Though we see not yet a starry way
Such stars but a glimpse of settled mist
Vanishing whereupon the sun has kissed
And sound returns, and shadow returns
And wise is the man who yet discerns
Whether on this road it is day or night
What he may see in uncertain light--
So sound, so shadow must disappear
Then what remains is the Ever-Near.

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