it is addressed thusly:

A thought.
it reads:
They only grip tight when the wheel is slipping
Orwell understood, and yet missed a truth
Of the transformation from free to uncouth--
Not how, but why the wheel they are gripping
Fingers white - with their eyes blood shot
Is it just the season - is it just our lot?
Or do Dracon and Nero have a brotherhood
What is the driver doing - in his driver's chair
Does he think at all, has he understood
Why does he have both his hands in the air?
He hits a bump - and now the chariot is tipping
It wouldn't be, had the wheel he'd been gripping
Light and firm and measured and fair --
They only grip tight when the wheel is slipping.
a postscript is here written:
a pass-word:
secure sovereignty


  1. I have something of an affinity for the 80s, in spite of how degenerate it was (nothing like today obviously). The cars in particular I like the design of.

    1. Yes, hard to put one's finger on, but the 86 from Initial D has a charm to it that is, for the moment, inexplicable.

    2. Haha. Initial D with its crazy music. Super Eurobeat I think its called. One anime I actually am a little familiar.


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