The Song at the Great Chasm

it is addressed thusly:
A song.
it reads:
In the world a hole a mile wide
The wise of old had testified
A hole thus shaped as man is shaped
From such thought man, he had escaped-
 That guillotine! that parliament!
  Cut down every worthy soul
 And good and ill were elsewhere sent
  With none beside to fill the hole;

A progressive great men never make
Though steps of 'progress' some do take
To hope and wait for future's boon
Is not for will fulfilling soon
 So pour, pour - when it rains it pours
  Salt with fire, you thirsty soul
 The salt of the earth by tens and scores
  With none beside to fill the hole;

And as many sands are in the sea
Were once those in nobility
And justly wisdom, believe or not
Does send them through a fire hot
 Yet build it now and they will come
  Greatness save a noble soul
 You think I jest; but yet, in sum
  None besides will fill the hole.

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