The Final Lecture

it is addressed thusly:
A vision.
it reads:
(A small group gathers numbered but four
In a place where hundreds once sat
But now cannot boast even that
Which Socrates brought in his door;
The electrical light flickers from wear
And the seats do nothing but creak
So standing remain the company there
And the pre-eminent one turns to speak:)

True sons, now tell me a tale
Tell me the truth of our age;
Give not to fainting, nor unto rage
Do we succeed, do we fail?
When God in his fury tore us in two
How'd we forget why t'was done?
Did we even forget that we knew
That the two things were once one?

First, says the one, we took to a trail
Which was as broad as t'was long
To the folly there is not a song
In this I must reckon we fail.
A thousand we spent, years, or more
To remake the thing we'd torn down
As if we'd had not a reason before
To examine a thing once put down.

Says the second, there's more you know
Once we'd got on to the thing
To the table then we did bring
A precept we'd forged far below;
Is man just a soul in a bodily cage
An atom from natural mess
How'd he gather, how can he engage
How can a truth he confess?

The third sighs and grimly replies
And the last thing was but the worst
An idea as grand as perverse --
The finale to all of our lies
Make man a common- nobody owns
From which all power is drawn
God must now raise a people from stones
After this tragedy's dawn.

Was man improved? He wonders aloud
Did he find what they promised him
Was he then bold, or just dim
Was there any left to be proud?
But now let us say, those who once made
These ideas their weapons of choice
Are now dead, so let us forbade
King, priest or peasant
 --e're give them voice.

(The solemn assembly then did depart
From the place that once was called
Dark-roomed and ivory-halled
The place of high reasoning's heart--
But to this thing we did not put fire
Lest the lesson of it be forgot
God would in time his fulminant ire
The 'university' make not.)

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  1. Always enjoyable. Put a smile on my face.


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