The Rectification of Names

it is addressed thusly:
A vision.
it reads:
The young mother swings the child in her arms
And what other joy is complete?
Though now their voices be faint, they said
Here heaven and earth shall meet;
But no such joy is reserved for our girls
Who labor as under the earth,
For labor once meant the task of the call
And the task of the call was but birth;

The strife of war at the call of arms
The city yet to be built,
What pleasure is there but to see these things
The blood and sweat to be spilt;
Our men have no war but among themselves
And no wall shall be left erect
For conquest was once the treasure we sought
Before that treasure was wrecked;

The visions we saw, the children we saw
The truth we all longed to know,
The rulers we were, the servants we were
Someday above as below
They offered us power, just for a few words
Which never would be the same
But all that is wrong will be right again
At the Rectification of Names.

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