Seven Canticles For Prudence

it is addressed thusly:
A thought.
it reads:
In the time of poverty
We vied to sell our days
- our hours, that liberty
be ours for prosperity
"the free is he who pays."

Who lied to us when
In that revolutionary murk
They made gears of men
For freedom, and then
"man has a duty to work."

Who would buy a hand
Even if the price is right
Does our burden demand
A return? But fallow, and
"man's work is his right."

Freedom other cannot be;
For the poor, his rest;
The freedman, property;
The noble, all history
"He who works for free is best."

The time which is not sold
In evil days yet to come
As it was still of old
Is worth more than can be told
"He who inherits is a son."

But what is left to give
When all is sold to pay
The poor, for a time to live
As kings - but a sieve:
"Do not pearls before swine lay."

You, with the upturned cup
Does it have a bottom too,
Even when made a top --?
Here, once more fill it up:
"The poor you will always have with you."

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  1. That is excellent. The Gods of the Copybook Headings approve.


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