The Court's Witness

it is addressed thusly:
A vision.
it reads:
Ever do they exploit the dead
Body over body - better when young
Were they whom of it was once said
"As of yet their crimes are still unsung?"
And what of their glories many and true
The latter is theirs, but for me and you
The lash is ready, if it has not yet stung
To remind us of our sins many or few

What good is a child if not for his flesh
Think of just how well this explains
Their system of thought, well as the best
Though feebly they repent of its stains
That stains that is, which profit no more
A migrant child, who dies at the door
The parts of a fetus which nobody names
Free bodies to wage their perpetual war.

But history's judge cannot be bought
Though for a time themselves they deceive
Treasures were gained, wars were fought
It was our honor, such to receive
In thankfulness, in holy dread
But they said thus to their own instead
"We must decrease", and history leave
Still ever do they exploit the dead.

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