The Two Before The Storm

it is addressed thusly:

A vision.
it reads:
"Do not try to make men good"
He said, lifting his drooping head
"Those who thought that they could
Have found that they made men dead."

"What then of men who do ill
Must they be cast out, slave or free
Must they be removed physically
Is that the end of a wicked will?"

"Some," he replied, deep in thought
"Can be taught by carrot or by stick
Some may in this way be bought
Though they be stubborn and thick."

"But is not this a goodness made
Of man's doing, which you forbade?"
The other sat a moment in reverie
Wondering what his answer would be;

"Man's worth is in rightness of will
Then with all excellence to fulfill;
Guide him, for how else could he see
And thus do good instead of ill?

Moreover, how can a man know at all
A boundary is crossed, without a fence
Such folly would not be our recompense
Save we did not tear down every wall."

"So you suggest then but to restore
In some form, what was raised before?"
And as rain began to gently fall
"Yes" he said, "and nothing more."

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