Storm and Dusk

it is addressed thusly:
A vision.
it reads:
Late in time, the frenzied rain
Coming at us under pall of night
Fall, fall in saturnine might
Though the sun has yet to set again
Where have the people gone
Have they too, read the sky's face
In good sense quickly moved on
I do not see them in any place
We are shaken by a lightning-crack
Under threat of flood by rain's attack
To be washed away without a trace
Going, going and not looking back.

That strange and vanilla sky
Brilliant above the sun's decline
Shine, shine, with heaven shine
At last now the clouds are dry
Fading to orange and burning out
As grief like anger must too pass
That evil day, for thunder-shout
Rain-rush and lightning-crash
Beyond is the resolve of twi-light
Clouds come, a regiment of white
An army the change of day cannot rout
Sink, sink sun, and behold the night.

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