it is addressed thusly:
A thought.
it reads:
Today we hear the clarion call
Did we respond - did we notice at all
The sea of noise became a roar
It crept - it flowed around the door
We didn't notice when it first came
(We hardly noticed it knew our name)
Now we forget as to when
The noise pollution first began
The adjustment of our lexicon
We keep calm and carry on
We worry our water may be impure
(But our mind will not long endure)
Pollute the man and pollute the world
Dust from the face of which is hurled
And we have concern for eagle's eggs
And if some man or woman begs
Our core that must coordinate
Cannot any longer discriminate
Between black and white, up and down
Soon dirty and clean, flat and round
"It is healthy" but what is health
"It yet prospers" but what is wealth
"It is inhuman" but what is man
Antoinette may wave her fan
"Let them eat cake," she dully said
But it was in a fiction - the Queen is dead.

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