A Reply to a Feminist

it is addressed thusly: 
The Poet Last Resort replies to a feminist
it reads:
Ah, the ancient Greeks, their love of beauty was astounding,
I said to her in reflection on narratives from Bulfinchs Mythology.
For them beauty was a power to which even gods would yield
and shaped the very fabric of our beings.
But modern women, she replied, have more pressing concerns
like power and accomplishments that supersede such male imposed and
simplistic urges, for beauty is but a figment of the ages.
Then this is what I said:
For you we have died for a thousand centuries
how can you say such a thing to me?
When we were threatened for millions of years by carnivore and
apekind, we died for you and our children, but then slowly one by one
we killed then all and made the village safe.
When the Neanderthal sought to leave us corpses in the dust,
 we fought them and died for you and our children and
when the dust was settled they all were dead.
All through time our strong arms and wills have met the test
and seen you through,
so tell me, tell me true,
how can you say such a thing to me? 
a postscript is here written:
WTO, the Poet of Last Resort

a pass-word:  mythology

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  1. So true and strikes at the heart of feminine ungratefulness so prevalent today. They think we have enslaved them all these centuries, when really, we have protected them. From labor, from war, and from responsibility.


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